Goodbye The Network Way, welcome!

When I started my blog a few years back I made the decision to use While WordPress provides a powerful set of tools for creating and maintaining a blog and hides many of the complexities associated with running a website, I felt like I needed more control at this time and that I prefer to maintain my site myself. My goal was to make things as clean, minimalist and simple as possible. I really just need a way to keep my posts organized and accessible, and I don’t see a need in many of the advanced features that WordPress offers.

After looking at some of the alternatives I decided upon using GitHub Pages to host my blog, and use Jekyll, a static site generator which has built-in support for GitHub Pages. My new site is now available at, which you obviously know if you read this post. I migrated all of the content and old posts from the WordPress site into this new blog, and I decided to completely delete my WordPress site and account.

The source code for this website is open and can be found here. Feel free to take a look if you want to learn how I use Jekyll and what customization I made to make the site works for me.

Happy blogging, and of course stay safe!